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10 Products that aid sleep

As you wade through the quagmire of sleep deprivation, it is completely natural that you will try anything, well almost anything, to get a good night’s sleep. There are products out there that really can help and make a difference.


In the early days babies sleep better while sucking. Non-nutritive sucking is calming and will aid sleep. As your baby gets to 5-8 months, he may go through a patch of sleeping worse because of a dummy/pacifier habit. Teach your baby to find the dummy and pop it in himself at night. As to which dummy to buy – they are all great – just find one that your baby takes to.

Sleeping bag

From 5 months many babies kick their blankets off and wake cold, in the early hours of the morning. The reality is that in addition to not staying on, loose blankets can be a suffocation risk for small babies. An infant sleeping bag such as the Baby Sense Sleepy Sac is an excellent solution. By simply ruling out coldness, your baby may end up sleeping a whole lot better.


A night-light is not necessary in the early days. In fact young babies sleep better in complete darkness. You may need a night-light or dim light to see what you are doing at night feeds, but essentially it is not for your baby. Come 18 months, when imagination starts to develop, your toddler may be fearful when waking at night. At this point a good investment would be a night-light in the nursery.

Block out lining

It is worth getting your baby’s room nice and dark, for both day sleeps and to encourage your baby to sleep later in the morning.

White noise

Like the background noise your baby heard in utero, white noise helps to lower sleep state and keeps your baby asleep for longer stretches. Use a fan (in summer), a humidifier (in winter), an air conditioner or white noise such as the Baby Sense Womb to World CD or MP3.

Teddy or doodoo blanky

There is no doubt, come 7 months old, your baby needs a doodoo blanky or teddy of some sort to use for comfort at night. In the end it does not matter what you choose but follow these principles:
  1. Small (no suffocation risk)
  2. Replaceable – not a fancy once off from a boutique
  3. Cleanable in a washing machine and tumble dryer
  4. No loose pieces – beware of imitation Taglets that are not safety tested.

Good quality nappies/diapers

Don't skimp on nighttime nappies – they need to be super absorbent so that they don’t leak. There is nothing worse than a baby waking for something as simple as wee’ing through onto their clothes. If this happens, inevitably a change not only of nappy but also clothes is needed.

Iron supplements

Over 6 months of age it is a good idea to put your little one onto an iron supplement. Low iron levels or anemia are associated with night waking’s after the second six months of life.

Lullaby CD

As part of a bedtime routine, sing lullabies to your baby. Soothing sounds just before sleep time do help your baby to settle to sleep easier. We suggest the Baby Sense Lala CD or MP3.

Rescue Remedy

Made by Bach flower remedies, this natural soothing flower essence really does settle fractious little ones. In addition, if you are battling to fall back to sleep once your little one has woken you; this product will help you settle too! By Meg Faure

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