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Breastfeeding and work - let's make it work!

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We’ve all heard that breast is best for your little one but it’s often easier said then done. With our busy lives and demanding workloads it sometimes seems near impossible to try and find much needed downtime to breastfeed or express. Moms that have to return to work after their maternity leave often have the added anxiety about how to keep expressing during work hours so that their little one’s can continue to benefit from breast milk The South African law makes provision for breastfeeding breaks at work. This means that as a breastfeeding mom, you’re entitled to two 30 minute breastfeeding or expressing breaks a day at work until your baby is 6 months old. These breaks don’t form part of your lunch break and must be considered as paid time as per the Code of Good Practice, which forms part of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997. We asked our Baby Sense Moms to help us choose the best sign to hang outside your breastfeeding room at the office. Download our winning design here

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