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How to put your newborn baby to sleep

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Settling your baby to sleep can present challenges. For older babies and toddlers this is often related to habits and expectations at sleep time. But for younger babies, sleep needs are usually more sensory based – newborns just love contact, soothing sounds and containment to fall asleep and stay settled. The sensory input your newborn seeks may include:
  • Soothing sounds, such as your heartbeat, your voice and white noise. When settling your baby, sing to her, use your voice and use a white noise CD or machine to create soothing sounds
  • Lulling movement, such as rocking. Do not worry if your newborn needs to be held as she falls asleep. Under 9 weeks, babies do not develop habits. A rocking crib, sling or wrap carrier are a great ideas and can be used in the early days.
  • Comforting touch, swaddling, holding and containing helps little ones to fall asleep. Swaddle your baby and try to settle her to sleep. Some babies require more input such as the deep touch of a parent’s hand. If you find that you have to hold your hand on your little one for ages, to help her sleep, a weighted sleepy sac is a great tool.
By Meg Faure

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