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Life’s little bumps & bruises

Minor scrapes, bumps and bruises are part of your little one’s development as he starts to crawl or walk. Most scrapes and grazes are minor and will not need medical attention. Toddlers are especially driven by the urge to discover new things and regularly take a little tumble as they do so, despite your carefulness. If your little one falls and bumps himself, take particular note of any injury to the head of back of the head. Falling backwards and banging the base of the head can be dangerous. If he is nauseous, vomits or is listless within 48 hours of the incident, take him to your health care professional immediately. If there is any bruising behind the ear or you are concerned about a possible fracture, then seen medical help immediately. If you feel your toddler bruises too easily and more than his friends, a visit to the healthcare professional can be reassuring and important. How to treat scrapes, bumps and bruises: Remember to wash your hands properly before treating your little one’s cut/grazed skin. In cases of minor bumps, a cold compression (ice in a cloth) can help to reduce the bruising and then apply Arnica Gel. If the cut is not bleeding heavily, clean the wound under running tap water. Pat the area dry with a clean towel and apply an Antiseptic Spray or Cream If the graze is bleeding heavily you need to stop the bleeding before applying the dressing. Apply pressure gently to the area with a bandage or towel. If the cut is to the hand or arm, raise it above the toddler’s head; if to the leg, let your little one lie down and raise the affected area about the level of the heard so the bleeding slows down and stops If your little one has been cut on a rusty object or accidentally grazed by your dog’s teeth, consult your healthcare professional immediately as a tetanus injection and specialized sterilization of the wound may be required. This article is brought to you by Purity; a 2015 Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminar sponsor

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