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Parenting blues: When your baby has wind or colic

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A baby’s “wind” refers to excess gas trapped in the tummy that causes pressure and discomfort. Babies get wind by swallowing air during sucking. This is often caused by sucking a clogged or blocked nipple or teat, an empty bottle, the thumb or a blanket. Crying also causes babies to swallow air which could cause wind. Using a gripe water can help relieve the discomfort of painful wind and indigestion in babies. They often contain sodium bicarbonate which helps correct the increased stomach acidity in baby’s tummy. Colic affects between 1-3 in 10 babies and is accompanied by continuous high-pitched, inconsolable crying for a few days continuously. Babies suffering from colic may also become flushed in the face, have wind and draw up their legs to their tummies and pass gas. Colic often occurs at the same time of day (usually late afternoon or the evening) and your baby may inconsolably for a period of time. It is not a disease and won’t cause wont baby any long-term harm – but is very stressful for both of you. Administering Paediatric colic drops before a feed may help to relieve the abdominal discomfort that babies feel as a result of excessive gas and bubbles in their tummy. Most colic drops contain an ingredient that causes the small bubbles of gas in your baby’s tummy to join together a larger bubble that can be easily expelled, giving your baby some relief from the bloating and discomfort. Massage, rocking, swaddling or a change of environment may all help to take your baby’s mind off things for a time and offer some relief. Colic usually disappears in babies from about 6-8 weeks. This article is brought to you by Purity; a 2015 Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminar sponsor.

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