Week 33 - Babysense
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Week 33

With due date just a few weeks away, now would be a good time to go through your checklist and ensure you have everything in place. Your baby’s arrival is around the corner, and whilst you may be feeling too heavy to move, you’ll be even heavier in a few weeks time so try and get tick off those last items as soon as possible. We suggest that your partner starts to practice putting the car seat in correctly. If he hasn’t assembled the cot, best he starts putting on his DIY cap this weekend. Your Baby Your baby is the size of a pineapple right now, and weighs in anywhere between 1.8kg – 2.6kg and measures over 43cm. Your little one may even grow a whole full 2.5cm this week. Amazingly, their pupils can adjust to bright or dim lights, just like yours. And their lungs and brain continue to develop. Your Body Apart from all the symptoms you’ve picked up along the way, you might also be starting to waddle. That bump of yours has grown to the point that you’re struggling to walk comfortably. Your amniotic fluid has also reached its maximum level, and there’s simply no more room to expand. With less fluid to cushion your cherub, your baby’s kicks may begin to feel a little more uncomfortable. Sensible Tips Time to do that last minute shopping to buy the essentials that you may not have received from the baby shower. Finish packing your hospital bag so that its ready and waiting by the door.
Week 34 - Babysense
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Week 34

You’re no doubt exhausted. Your body is starting to take huge strain with all the extra weight you’re having to carry and the sleepless nights are certainly not helping the situation. Now would be a great time to start putting your feet up regularly and to slow down considerably. Take time out to absorb everything you’re going through and to appreciate the unknown but exciting future ahead of you. Your downtime is limited, so enjoy! Your Baby Your little one is now the size of a cabbage, weighing in at roughly 2.2kg and measuring around 45cm (about as long as a loaf of bread head to rump). With restricted movement in their cramped quarters, they’re spending most of their awake time listening to the outside world around them. So those out of tune songs you sing to yourself while no one is listening, are actually being heard by your little one. This week, the white, waxy coating called vernix, which protects your baby’s skin, thickens while the soft downy hair known as lanugo is just about gone. Your Body Just when you thought there was simply no more room to grow, you realize your body has performed the impossible and stretched a little more. On the plus side, you may feel that you have a little more air to breathe and that your heartburn might be easing up a bit. This is because your baby may have dropped into the pelvic area, in an engaged position, where it’s getting ready for birth. But sadly, this drop in position may bring on increased pressure on your pelvis, hips and bladder causing frequent trips to the bathroom. Sensible Tips If you have the energy, start making a few meals that you can freeze and use for the first few days back home. It may seem like a bit of a chore at the moment, but will be well worth it once baby is born.
Week 35 - Babysense
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Week 35

Did you know that your uterus has expanded 1000 times more than its original size! Yip, that’s how your amazing body adapted over the past few months to make space for a beautiful baby. You are no doubt feeling like you’re the size of a house, but remember it’s a home filled with love and warmth that you personally created for your little one to thrive in. Your Baby Your little person, now the size of a spanspek, is about 46cm tall, which is almost full birth length. They won’t grow much taller, but will take the next few weeks to fatten up. Your baby now weighs about 2.4kg and will put on roughly another whole kilogram before the big day. At this stage, their kidneys are fully developed and their liver can process some waste. You’ll be very pleased to know that most of their basic physical developments are complete. Now its time just to plump up. Your Body Your growing uterus, which used to hide away in your pelvis, now reaches up under your rib cage. Your baby is squashed inside your womb. From here on out, you will be seeing your doctor regularly so that they can monitor your progress. Interestingly, the measurement in centimeters from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your uterus is almost the same number of weeks of your pregnancy – so consider this an easy way to remember how far along you are (in the very unlikely event that you will forget). Sensible Tips If you’re planning on breastfeeding your little one, now would be a good time to read up as much information as possible around getting your baby to latch. Book an appointment with a lactation consultant to learn the basic tips and tricks. You may be surprised to discover that it’s not as easy and natural as one would think, and you and your little one may require a bit of coaching before you get it right. The wrong latch can result in incredibly sore breasts, and while you both adapt and find your rhythm it can be an incredibly painful and frustrating experience for both you and baby. But persevering will be well worth it in the end and the benefits will far outweigh the initial setbacks. If you’re really struggling, enquire about laser treatment for your nipples while in hospital. Whilst this wont help with the latch, it will certainly help relieve the pain.
Week 36 - Babysense
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Week 36

Your baby, once a teeny tiny poppy seed, has graduated to a fully-fledged little person, with everything in good working order. Now all that’s left to do is to fatten him up, spend a few extra days strengthening his lungs and then he’s good to go. Your Baby Your baby is now the size of a butternut, is around 47cm long and is more or less weighing 2.6kg. Your baby has grown almost completely into their skin and is showing off their fully rounded face. Their skin is now smooth and soft and their gums are rigid. Their liver and kidneys are up and running as well as the circulation and immune system. At this stage, your baby is shedding Your Body Sweeping the floor, washing dishes, hanging paintings and cleaning out cupboards that you’ve been meaning to do for years … If that’s you right now, you might have a bad case of “Nesting”. Whilst it’s great to do a spring clean before the new family member rocks up, remember not to push yourself too hard and to take plenty of rest in-between. Also, leave the heavy lifting and high reaching tasks to your partner. Sensible Tips Take advantage of your nesting phase and wash all your baby clothes. Give yourself a pamper day, it may be a while before you manage to find a bit of free time to get your hair and nails done. Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.
Week 37 - Babysense
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Week 37

Take a moment from your aches and pains to celebrate that your baby is officially considered early term and that all the pregnancy symptoms suddenly seem worth it. That means your little cherub has developed all their vital organs and functions, and is completely ready to enter the big world. Of course, with each day that passes, they’ll just get stronger and healthier. Your Baby Your healthy button is about the size of a winter melon weighing a healthy 2.8kg and measuring around 48cm head to heel. Movement has been restricted considerably, so your baby will be taking this time to practice breathing, sucking, gripping and blinking. Your Body You may start to notice that your Braxton Hicks contractions are occurring more frequently, and you may have an increase in vaginal discharge. You may also experience a bloody-show. This is a pink or brown tinged mucous discharge, which means that the blood vessels in the cervix are rupturing as the cervix begins to prep for labour. That is a sure sign that labour is imminent. Sensible Tips Keep your car filled with petrol so that you’re ready to rush off to hospital at a moments notice. Now would be a good time to download a contraction app so that your partner can help monitor the contractions when they begin. Your hospital and baby bag should be packed and ready at the front door, labour could happen at any moment so make sure you’re prepared.
Week 38 - Babysense
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Week 38

This week may feel like the longest seven days ever as you play the waiting game. You’re probably completely over waddling around and carrying all this extra weight, and you’re probably also very anxious to meet this little person you’ve been creating over the past nine months. Your baby could arrive at any time, but they could also decide that life in your womb is far too cozy and that they ‘d prefer to stay put for an extra three or so weeks. Your official due date is still two weeks away and most gynae’s will allow your cherub an extra ten days before they discuss options available to give your little one a nudge. Your Baby Your beautiful baby is now the size of a pumpkin, weighing around 3kg and measuring in at 49cm long. This is probably the final birth length. They’re ready and waiting and may even have an inch of hair on their head already. They’re also in the process of slowly shedding that white waxy layer on their skin, but you might still see some of it when they’re born. Your Body Your baby is dropping into the pelvis area, which means you might be able to breathe a little easier. However, other changes that you can’t necessarily see or feel, is that your cervix is slowly beginning to dilate and soften. You may also notice that your breasts are starting to leak colostrum – a thick yellowish liquid that is the precursor to breast milk. Colostrum is jam-packed with antibodies that protect your newborn. Sensible Tips Write down all the numbers of family and friends that are eagerly waiting to hear when the big day arrives. Create a Whatsapp group with all your nearest and dearest so you can keep them informed about the progress. Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.
Week 39 - Babysense
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Week 39

WOO HOO! Your baby has officially reached full term. At each of your now weekly visits, your doctor will be doing an abdominal exam to check your baby’s position and growth. They might also check to see the status of your cervix – they want to determine whether your cervix has started ripening. They’ll also test this to see if it’s softening, thinning out and dilating. But the actual due date is still anyone’s guess, as there is no way of telling exactly when your little one will decide to make a grand entrance. It could be any day now. Your Baby Your little watermelon has not gotten much taller, measuring 50cm and is weighing a healthy 3.2kg. Their head is now also the same circumference as their abdomen. The fine hair called lanugo and the waxy vernix covering their skin should almost be completely gone by now and they’ll be as beautiful as ever. Your body Your breasts have finally reached their full size and are ready for their new role in life. The big day can happen at any moment so how do you know if it’s the real deal and not just Braxton Hicks? You’re probably more in tune with your body than ever before, and should spot labour signs as they progress. But here are some telltale signs to look out for: the first is that you may be feeling a regular tightening of the uterus that’s gradually progressing. Secondly if you’re up and mobile, then you should feel the contractions increase. And lastly, if you move around, and the contractions don’t stop and become more frequent throughout the day – then that’s another giveaway. Other signs of labour may also include increased back pain that moves to your lower abdomen. And the most obvious sign that most women look out for: your waters breaking. Contrary to popular belief (thanks to Hollywood), this is one of the final stages of labour so it’s unlikely you will be having a romantic dinner somewhere when your waters suddenly gush all over the restaurant floor – you’ll probably know labour is starting way before your waters break. Sensible Tips Dad … don’t panic! The early stages of labour could still take some time to progress. So now would be a good time to start practicing everything you learnt at antenatal classes … starting with those firm back rubs. Start monitoring the contractions by using the app you downloaded a few weeks ago so that you can assess when would be a good time to go to the hospital. Pack the bags in the car, and don’t forget to grab your camera, cell phone and charger, and a few tissues … it’s an incredibly emotional experience.
Week 40 - Babysense
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Week 40

Happy Due date! You and your baby have successfully made it through 40 weeks of incredible growth and development. For some of you, you may be holding your little cherub while reading this. But for others, you may be frustrated to find that your little one is still snug as a bug with no signs of arriving anytime soon. Most doctors will monitor you very closely with each passing day, and most often don’t let you go more than ten days over your due date. So hang in there, you’ll meet your newest family member very soon! Your Baby Your baby now weighs anywhere from 3 to 4.5kg and measures between 48cm & 55cm. Those little nails and tufts of hair continue to grow, and with each passing day their lungs are growing from strength to strength. Your little one is just psyching themselves up for the big day. Your Body You’ve had enough and want to meet your little bundle. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and in just a few short hours or days the wait will be worth it. Sensible Tips Make sure you check in with your doctor regularly to monitor you and your baby. Don’t venture too far away from home as it could happen at any moment, but don’t sit around waiting either. Enjoy these last few days of freedom by lunching with the ladies and visiting friends and family. Your partner must make sure that their phone is on at all times and fully charged, so that they can receive your call at a moments notice.

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