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Reasons why the Babysense 7 is the Best Baby Breathing Movement Monitor

As I sit here holding my beautiful blessing in my arms, a moment I have dreamed of and pictured in my mind a thousand times, it finally dawns on me that I am a mother. I am responsible for this tiny human being; responsible for nurturing, loving, guiding and keeping her safe. I worry about everything – how much she weighs, how much she eats, how much she poops, how well she sleeps (is she dreaming, is she breathing) and so much more. I have bought every known gadget but my best purchases by far are my video baby monitors, and the Babysense 7 baby breathing monitor. These purchases offer me the peace of mind I was looking for and help me sleep peacefully at night knowing my little angle is safe. How do you monitor a breathing baby you may ask? Babysense solved that for us when they developed the world’s first non-touch breathing movement monitor. This monitor is the best and certainly a must have for any parent. The installation is really simple - you place the sensor pads under the mattress of the crib, connect them to the control unit which can conveniently be placed on the base of the crib and you’re all set. The Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor measures the gentle movement of your baby’s breathing movements. If any unnatural slowing of breathing movements happens or if your baby stops breathing the monitor will alert you by setting off an alarm. As the #1 rated Breathing Monitor and the brand of choice in top European, Japanese and Israeli hospitals and used in over 1 million homes, Babysense is proven to provide maximum monitoring accuracy. Do you need the monitor? If you ask me without a doubt, but I’ll share what other parents/caregivers have experienced and just why you need the Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor in 2021. “Must have!! I would never go without this product. We have a six month old son and used this product first in his play yard (where he slept the first two months) with one pad. It is now used with two pads in his crib. This product works EXACTLY as it is supposed to work and provides us comfort at night knowing baby's movement and breathing is monitored. I think we'd have been up a million times during the first few months checking on baby if it weren't for this product. I highly recommend this product more than anything else we bought for our newborn. It isn't cheap by any means but honestly I'd label it as priceless.....” Eric Craig     I’m sure just like me, keeping your baby safe is your top priority, and it is important for me that in addition to my baby not having blankets or toys in her crib that she need not wear any clip-on devices, socks or vests to measure her breathing movements. I rest easier at night knowing that my baby’s breathing movements are being monitored. “Unbelievable technology & amazing service: First of all the service team is so thoughtful and helpful when you reach out and I appreciate that tremendously. Second, the fact that this is a product that doesn't touch the baby and still is so accurate in monitoring breathing, it is amazing. You can actually see the breathing rate with the glow of the green light on the device which is really nice. Highly recommended and better/more convenient than others I've seen on the market.”  Nicholas   “Simple installation: I always thought these were great for overprotective and nervous parents, neither of which i consider myself. but i was speaking with a friend who's an ER pediatrician in prague and he highly recommended this. he said, as a first-time parent, you don't know how important it is to get sleep when the baby is sleeping. this thing give you peace of mind to relax and actually sleep when your little one decides to sleep. it's easy to set up and works like a dream. we're using it on a pack-n-play now, and you need to put the sensor on one of the ribs of the pack-n-play to be sure it's in direct contact with the sensor, but once you do that, it's done.” Prague Geoff   No matter where my baby’s favorite spot is on the mattress, she is always monitored – full crib coverage is easy with the two supplied sensor pads. “Absolutely the best baby movement/apnea monitor on the market. As a nurse and first time mom, I have been very anxious about SIDS. Despite that it’s rare, I can’t imagine being among the small number to experience it. We coslept with our daughter for the first six months and used the Snuza which worked great. However, once we put her in her crib, and she was able to roll over, the snuza was no longer helpful. The baby’s positioning greatly affects your ability to hear the Snuza, especially from a distance/over a monitor. However, the Babysense does not have that issue. I sleep so well knowing my girl is safe. Even once she is a year, I will likely keep the babysense in place. At that time, she is likely to try to climb out of her crib, and the babysense would just as easily alert me of that. Buy this product! You will not regret it!” MDB   “Despite our best efforts, our daughter is a tummy sleeper. On two occasions, the movement monitors went off. We rushed into her room to find her sound asleep holding her breath. When we moved her, she let out a huge gasp and went back to sleep. We'll never know if she would have done that on her own, and I'm glad we won't have to.” Angie   They say you should sleep when your baby sleeps, which is easier said than done. My Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor has made it easier and less stressful. It is a must have monitor that is totally safe and emits no radiation of any kind that may harm your baby. The millions of other users agree with me that there is only one choice when it comes to true peace of mind and unparalleled stability and safety.
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Sleeping habits of parents with newborns

Bringing a newborn baby home is a whirlwind of excitement but this joy often fades when nighttime rolls around. A newborn baby’s sleep cycle is everchanging making it extra hard for parents to count sheep themselves. It takes time to adjust to your newborn’s sleep routine, so first, it’s important to understand what’s a “normal” newborn’s sleep cycle and learn ways to improve your own.This article will help you understand the basics of a newborn’s sleep schedule and share insightful tips to help parents squeeze in some more ZZZ’s. Creating a better sleep schedule for parents with newborns is no easy accomplishment, but it is possible with some gradual steps and technological help. What’s a normal sleep schedule with a newborn? It’s natural to have some questions about your little one’s sleep schedule. While every baby can differ, the average newborn (0-3 months) spends 14-17 hours each day sleeping. However, this time is broken into sleep sprints since newborns wake to feed every 2-3 hours.    Once babies pass three months old, their sleep cycle drops to 12-15 hours per day. Their sleep sprints stretch to 5 hours and some babies even begin sleeping through the night (fingers crossed!). So how do newborn parents survive the first few months until that magical milestone?  Parents are encouraged to mimic their newborn. They find that the best time to sleep is when the baby is sleeping, even if that means sneaking in short naps during the day. Regardless, a newborn is bound to throw off any adult’s typical circadian rhythm. The average parent with a newborn only gets 5-6 hours of sleep per day. If newborn parents do not live together or a single parent is caring for the baby, this stress of sleep intensifies. Sleep is essential for your newborn, but also for all parents! Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your decision-making abilities and can even cause long-term mental and physical problems. Thankfully, avoiding sleep deprivation is possible with some tips. Tips to improve your sleep schedule with a newborn “No sleep” is synonymous with a newborn, or is it? Here are some tips to try and improve your sleep schedule.   Make sleep a top priority Your baby may be your new top priority, but make sleep your second. Sending an email, household chores, and texting your friend can wait. A temporarily messy home is worth a little extra shut-eye, so be easy on yourself as you rearrange your priorities in the first weeks of bringing a newborn home! Keep a consistent feeding schedule Newborns can’t do much besides eating and sleeping, so it’s no wonder their sleep schedule is entirely dictated by their feeding routine. Average newborns feed every 2-3 hours. If yours tends to sleep a bit longer, try waking them to eat and ensure they’re fed. A full belly means they will fall back asleep and stay asleep instead of waking up hungry. Follow a nighttime ritual By following a simple nightly ritual, you can set the stage for sleep for both you and your newborn. Some activities to associate with sleep and the nighttime are taking a bath, singing a lullaby, dimming lights, changing the diaper and into fresh pajamas, and creating an all-around quieter atmosphere. This restful environment will help both of you shift mindsets into dreamland. Share a room, not a bed Some parents are tempted to sleep with their newborn, but this is not a safe practice! Bed-sharing can increase the risk of SIDS, so it’s vital to keep a bed for the parents and a bed for the baby. Instead, try “room-sharing” and bring the crib into your bedroom rather than in a separate nursery. Keeping the baby nearby helps with the constant feeding and soothing that comes in your first few weeks. Don’t hesitate to ask for help The proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is true. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for help. It’s okay to be vulnerable during this time and even throw social etiquette out the window. Instead of being the wonderful host, ask your visitors to watch the baby so you can take a nap. If you don’t have the luxury of help 24/7. A baby breathing monitor, or even a video baby monitor can be your extra eyes and ears. How a baby monitor creates the best sleep schedule Getting some shut-eye with a newborn is scary. Any moment your baby is not being watched is not only dangerous but unsettling for parents. Creating peace of mind is the first step to resting alongside a newborn baby. So how do you design a safer space? Enter baby monitors. There are plenty of reasons why the Babysense V43 is the best split-screen baby monitor to buy in 2021. Its easy-to-use features help parents accomplish the tips we shared earlier and more. Here are some of that baby monitor’s features that help create the best sleep schedule for parents with newborns. Split Screen Video The V43 Baby Monitor doubles the eyes watching your little one. The 4.3” color LCD split-screen display lets you see through two cameras at once. That means monitoring two angles - or two kids - at all times. Night Vision The two remote pan, tilt, and zoom cameras even have built-in adaptable intensity night lights. You won’t miss a thing, even at night, with auto infrared night vision. You can stay in bed and still peek on your newborn through the monitor, without disrupting both your sleep cycles. Ultra Long Range With up to 960 feet of open space range, the V43 means you can safely watch your newborn from anywhere in the house. If you do stray too far, rest assured you’ll be notified by the out-of-range warning. This flexible stream of video allows parents to get their life back knowing their baby is safe. Hack-proof Security This latest video baby monitor version boasts 2.4GHz FHSS Closed Loop Technology. That provides an extra stable, hack-proof video connection. Babysense monitors are digitally encrypted and don’t need to connect to WiFi. So if your internet goes out, your baby monitor doesn’t go out too! Extra Soothing Features Newborn parents will appreciate the soothing features like two-way talk, lullabies, and white noise sound. Sometimes, the reassuring presence of your voice is all it takes for your little one to drift back to sleep. Soothing features enable parents to comfort the baby from a distance, in turn, teaching your baby to become an independent sleeper. 100% Customer Satisfaction Babysense has been a best-selling company for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop the best baby monitors possible have resulted in millions of safe babies and happy parents. To prove it, here are 25 reviews on why parents love Babysense monitors. Babysense Warranty & Compatibility Babysense offers a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free, along with a one year warranty. All Babysense Video Monitors support up to four cameras connected to one parent unit, so a split-screen V43 (or multiple!) can make a great gift basket item for newborn parents. “No sleep” for newborn parents is only temporary Whether you are getting no sleep or some sleep, your baby is only “newborn” for so long! Any parent can attest the first few months are the hardest. Hopefully, with some practice, routine-setting, and technological help like the Babysense V43, new parents can find some time for rest as their newborn babies sleep peacefully.
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The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor To Buy In 2021

After bringing your infant home from the hospital, you want to make sure everything is prepared and ready to care for them. You want to feel certain that you can always look after them, even when they are fast asleep in their crib! Having a great video monitor gives you the peace of mind you need to move freely around your house while keeping an eye and ear on your loved ones, both during the day and at night. With such a variety of products to choose from, how do you know which monitor is the best one to purchase for you and your family’s needs? With so many new features popping up so frequently, how do you keep up with what is best? Some basic features might seem like enough, leaving you wondering if the others are unnecessary. Learning what each feature is capable of, can help you reach the right decision when shopping for a monitor for your baby’s room. Not all monitors are created equally! Be sure the product you get is one that matches your needs. Be on the lookout for one with good quality images, clear audio, and a wide range so you can make sure not to lose the connection while you’re moving around your home. You want to be able to monitor your little one whether you are in the kitchen getting dinner prepared, in the basement doing laundry, or even sitting in your backyard. Finding a monitor that has a camera with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom can help you when you want to look around the crib or if you want to zoom in to see your little one’s adorable face. Another great feature to keep an eye out for, is auto infrared night vision. This gives you the ability to see your little one in the dark just as clearly as you would be able to see them during the daytime. A very useful tool some monitors include is two-way audio. This feature lets you not only listen to your little one, but it lets you speak to them as well! With just the push of a button, you can turn on the two-way audio and soothe your baby with the sound of your voice without having to enter their room, which can sometimes wake them up and disrupt their rest. This will teach your baby to become an independent sleeper, which babybonus says can prevent settling and waking problems later on. If you have older children, you can turn on the two-way audio to let them know you will be right with them or answer any questions they may have while you are anywhere in the house! This can give your child a sense of comfort that you are always with them, even if you are not in the room. Investing in a good, quality, baby breathing monitor or video baby monitor can benefit you for years to come. A monitor is not just used in a child’s infant years! If you have a reliable product from a reputable brand, you can count on being able to continue using the same monitor and camera well into your child’s toddler years as well. When your child grows into a curious toddler, letting them have some “independent play” time is extremely important for their emotional and cognitive development. According to, letting your little ones play on their own during the day helps foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. Children who know how to play on their own and entertain themselves, learn to explore and use their imagination which helps them greatly as they grow older. However, some parents worry about leaving their little ones to play alone in their room without being able to keep an eye on them, but having a good quality monitor can come in handy! With the Babysense V43 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor you will feel right there in the room with your little one at all times. With crystal clear pictures on LCD screens, you never have to worry about blurry vision. The Auto Infrared Night Vision makes viewing them at night-time, look just as clear as it is during the day. With its firm stability and hack-proof technology, you can rest assured that you will not pick up on any outside sounds and that there will be no interference on your connection. Aside from having all the wonderful features listed above, the V43 is also a 2 camera and split-screen baby monitor. What this means is that with one monitor you get a dual view on one screen from two different cameras! This is especially helpful when you have twins or two children close in age. The two cameras can be pointed at the same crib in different positions so that you can see your little one at different angles. You can also set the two cameras up in the same room but at different beds if your children share a room, or even put them in two different rooms! You will still be able to view both cameras’ feeds on the double baby monitor with a split-screen! When using the two-way audio, you can even select which camera you’d like to use at any given time. This way, if you choose to have the cameras set up in two separate rooms, you can turn on the speaker for only one child so that he/she can hear you and not disrupt the other! This makes soothing your littles ones much easier! Babysense is a best-selling company with almost 30 years of extensive knowledge and expertise in developing video baby monitors. The company’s core focus is parents’ peace of mind and babies’ safety which is achieved by continuous research and using the most advanced technological means available. It has been compared and inspected by many companies and receives amazing reviews! calls it “one of the best split-screen baby monitors with movement monitor” and rated it as “Best Value Dual Screen Baby Monitor” With so many happy customers, the testimonials speak for themselves! Molly H. says “We have a 5-year-old and a newborn! It was such a great decision, buying this monitor. The sound picks up well enough that even only listening in on the baby’s room, we can still hear our 5-year-old if she needs something. You can also split all the settings. Our 5 year old likes a song to go to sleep, but our newborn does not. It works really well for us and after a lot of research, I’m glad we picked Babysense!” AR writes “After a few months of using the monitor I have to say it’s a lifesaver. Being able to check on both of my kids while they’re sleeping gives me such peace of mind! The product works well and is easy to use. My daughter loves that I can talk to her through the mic to let her know I’m coming.” If you’d like to read more about other families’ experiences with the Babysense V43 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, you can click here and scroll to the bottom to read more reviews or submit any questions of your own! Finding the right monitor that you can depend on throughout your baby’s childhood doesn’t have to be a “mission impossible” if you know what you need and what to look for. The experts at Babysense are always available to answer any of your questions!
25 Baby Monitor Reviews: Why Parents Love Babysense - Babysense

25 Baby Monitor Reviews: Why Parents Love Babysense

Baby monitors make peace of mind possible for parents today. Modern video baby monitors and baby breathing monitors have awarded parents freedom that past generations could never dream of. But, with hundreds of options on the market, what features make a baby monitor the best? Well, baby monitor reviews are a great place to find out.By sifting through baby monitor reviews, you can learn first-hand about the product. Verified Buyers are honest about their experience, so when you see trends emerge and many people talking of the same great features, you can trust them. Plus, you may even discover benefits you never even considered!Babysense has been a trusted industry leader since 1991 and protects millions of babies worldwide. Our quality is backed with decades of experience and better yet, countless reviews online.If you look at the hundreds of testimonials on our site, you can see why so many parents trust Babysense for their newborns. Here are 25 baby monitor reviews that highlight some top features and prove why parents love Babysense. Easy to Setup and Use Choosing a video or breathing movement baby monitor that is easy to use is essential. A simple setup is necessary so you can get started right away. You’re juggling enough as a new parent, you don’t need a complicated system! Some reviews discuss the ease of interconnectivity and how simple it is to use the monitor. Others add how the set-up was a breeze, like these: 1.“This camera was not only easy to set up but has all of the functionality that you would need for a baby monitor. It is extremely user-friendly.” - Daniella A.2.“Very easy set-up with no issues. Works throughout a 3000 sq/ft home.” - Alex J.3.“It arrived quickly and was packaged well. We set it up and made sure everything paired correctly. The instructions were easy to follow and the camera works great, I’m already feeling better about having another item checked off of my “before baby #2 arrives” checklist!” - Noel A.4.“Easy to assemble and use! We are beyond excited to use it once our newborn arrives in a couple of weeks. The functions provide way more than other baby monitors on the market. Thanks for a great product!” - Bralen A.  Clear, High-Quality Video The best video baby monitors must have the best video! Clear, seamless footage is often noted about Babysense monitors, plus its quality daytime and nighttime modes. Zooming, panning, and split screens are other added bonuses, as you’ll see from these testimonials: 5.“We love how large the monitor screen is and that you can pan back and forth to view the whole room when littles sneak out of bed. Love the talking feature.” - Corey R.6.“The split screens are great to see both my toddler in one room and my infant in another! It has a great screen and love that you get almost a full view of the entire room!” - Lauren C.7.“We bought this as a second camera for our baby sense monitor and have loved it! The image quality is great in the daytime and nighttime mode. It's nice to be able to switch between two cameras and see multiple rooms.” - Brandan G.8.“It works very well for my purposes! The infrared camera is good quality— I can see my little one clearly even though the room is nearly pitch black.” - Jennifer G. Parents Feel Peace of Mind Having a newborn is endless work, especially from 0-3 months. However, the following baby monitor reviews show how Babysense has given parents newfound freedom. The long-range and distance capabilities allow parents to enjoy flexible mobility while staying connected. No need to disrupt your infant in their crib sleeping. You can simply check the live video to monitor your baby's position and other developments.  9.“This has saved so much time for me. I’m no longer wondering if the baby is crying. No longer having to run upstairs to check. I bring the monitor into the bathroom so I can shower.” - Lana N.10.“Clear pictures for day and night! Love the zoom-in feature and the two-way talk. Monitor has a decent range. We are able to go into our backyard and still get good signals!” - Ashlea V.11.“Great Product for the baby .... love being able to be present while being able to do other things around home.” - Timothy T.12.“The bundle pack is great when two hands don't seem to be enough. I can cook and get things done around the house without taking eyes and ears off of the baby. The melodies, the night light. I'm loving you right now Babysense, because nothing else makes sense.” - Gary J.13.“It is very helpful to have this monitor, it gives you peace of mind to check if your baby is ok while doing other tasks.” - Nathalie O.14.“We decided to get an additional camera for another room, and it's one of the best decisions ever! It makes it more convenient and gives us more peace of mind.” - Crystal G. Wifi-Free System Provides Security An important benefit of Babysense Video Monitors is their safe, hack-free technology. Since they do not connect to WiFi or the Internet, the monitors are for your eyes only. These reviews pay tribute to this unique security feature: 15.“...It also does not require WiFi to work. If my WiFi were to go out or become disconnected, with many other monitors, it would render them useless and my baby would not be protected.” - Brittney C. 16.“I love how BabySense lets you connect several cameras to one monitor. I also opted for this system as I did not want a WiFi system. I wanted a secure way to monitor my babies. I also like the lullabies that you can play through the cameras. This one is a keeper.”- Danielle P.17.“Sound and night vision are very good. Being able to move the camera is awesome and it’s dead silent when adjusting the angle and zoom. Also, a nice feature to not be a WiFi monitor for added security. All in all a great product.” - Neeko S. More Unique Benefits Babysense systems offer more than the features previously listed. Some unique benefits gathered from reviews include a room thermometer to easily check if your child’s room is too hot or cold. As your baby begins moving more, like from 4-6 months, sound sensors are another added bonus. There’s even a lullaby feature to soothe crying newborns from a distance! Here are a few more reviews explaining a few unique benefits of our products and Babysense as a company: 18.“And the temp reading in the room makes sure the baby is warm or cool enough and you can turn on a lullaby to soothe them back to sleep, so they don’t see mom or dad thus making it that much harder to go back to sleep.” - Chris D.19.“Love the color and sturdiness of the product. The inside is easy to clean, which is always appreciated! Although it's a baby product, I could see many other uses throughout the house and may purchase one for me! Priced right, too.” - Julie W.20.“Like the other reviews have stated, Babysense has amazing customer service! I am now a loyal customer because of it.” - Ashley M.21.“The monitor goes everywhere in the house with me. Also, baby sense has impeccable customer service. They are kind, timely with reply’s, and easy to make contact with. Love, love, love this brand all around!” - Mindy A.22.“This has amazing night vision and telescoping so you can see anywhere in their room. And you can scan at night so you will be able to hear kids in either room. I also love that you can add more cameras. The company seems super helpful as well!” - Leslie S.23.“So far it is the best! The picture quality is clear, the battery life of the parent unit is great and I love that I can have a camera in each kid’s room. The cameras also do a remote full range tilt and swivel.” - Kristine M. 24.“And the temp reading in the room makes sure the baby is warm or cool enough and you can turn on a lullaby to soothe them back to sleep, so they don’t see mom or dad thus making it that much harder to go back to sleep.” - Chris D.25.“We bought this monitor so we could keep an eye on our toddler transitioning to a toddler bed from the crib. The picture is very clear and we love being able to move the camera view using the parent unit so we can look around the whole room when she is out of bed. The night vision is also very clear so we can tell what our toddler is doing at night.” - Brandan G. Reviews Prove the Best Baby Monitor Features Many parents couldn’t imagine raising a child without a video baby monitor. Babysense systems not only serve as extra eyes and ears, but they can even help you witness your baby’s first milestones. These tiny yet powerful monitors and cameras keep babies safe and parents happy. From reading reviews like this, you can decide what features make the best baby monitor!
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Babies During Winter Months

Winter is truly a wonderland filled with great beauty and serenity, but it also raises a bit of concern on how to care for your darling little ones and keep them safe and warm during the cold months. How do you keep them comfortable at night? What temperature should your baby’s room be? What do you do if your little one gets sick? As new parents, there are so many unknowns. Follow some of the tips below to ensure a safe, warm, and enjoyable winter for you and your precious bundle. Babies, Cribs, and Blankets One of the biggest fears for all parents is the thought of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS occurs when babies under the age of 1 die unexplainably in their crib. While all the causes for this are still largely unknown, there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk of suggests placing your little one to sleep alone in his/her crib, laying on his/her back on a firm mattress created especially for infants. Overdressing your baby can be dangerous as they can easily overheat. Therefore the room should be set at 68–72°F (20–22.2°C) and pyjamas should be lightweight. Up until their first birthday, your little one’s crib should be kept empty with only a tight-fitting bed sheet on the mattress. To ensure your little one is not getting chilly at night, you can lay them to bed in a baby sleep sack which is more secure than a blanket and can not be pulled over to cover their faces and obstruct their breathing. According to, babies could begin sleeping with a light blanket only after their 1st birthday. Even then, the crib should be kept clear of any pillows, dolls, toys, or any other items. The blanket itself should be lightweight and not contain any ribbons or strings. These items could potentially lead to strangulation or suffocation. Another way to ease the worry and let you sleep soundly at night is by placing a baby breathing monitor under your little one’s mattress. These monitors are placed far away from your baby’s reach and ensure full bed coverage and close monitoring of your baby’s micro-movements (breathing/sleep movements) through the mattress, ensuring a low risk of false alarms. Full mattress coverage guarantees to monitor even if your little one rolls all around his/her bed as they sleep. These monitors are safe and emit no radiation of any kind that may harm the baby, helping you sleep rest-assured! Baby Bath Time When it’s brisk and chilly outside, you might wonder if it’s too cold for your little ones to bathe in a baby bath that does not fully cover their bodies. As long as your home is set to the preferred temperature, your little one should feel fine taking his/her daily bath. Although, as babies do not sweat a lot during the winter, they don’t need to take a bath every day so you can alternate days. On days you do not bathe your little one, you can just give them a quick wipe down with a warm wet cloth, paying close attention to their folds, creases, and diaper area. has some helpful advice on how to prepare your little one for a comfortable bath during the wintertime. 1. Give your baby a nice soothing massage with a little oil. This will warm your baby’s body (and your hands) in preparation for their bath. 2. Be sure the room you are bathing your little one in is nice and warm before you begin bathing and be sure that all windows and doors are closed to avoid a breeze. 3. Always be sure to check the temperature of the water before you place the baby in the bath. The water should be approximately 38 degrees. It’s ideal to check with a thermometer, but if you do not have one, check the water temperature with your elbow as it is the most sensitive skin area on your body. 4. Make sure that everything you need for the bath is ready and reachable before placing your little one in the water. This will prevent you from having to take your baby out after he/she got wet to get missing items. Having a “bath basket” with all the items placed inside is the best way to always remember everything you need and be able to pull it out in one go. 5. Bathe your little ones from the feet up. This way, their head doesn’t stay wet and out in the air for too long. 6. Lastly, be sure your little one’s clothes are all laid out and ready for when you take him/her out of the bath. Wrap them in the towel and place them down near their clothes. Be sure to keep your baby’s head covered as you dress them to keep them warm. If they aren’t wearing full onesies, be sure to place socks on them to cover their feet. As with adults, the winter air can dry out your little one’s skin, so be sure to moisturize your baby after baths to keep their skin hydrated. Baby Colds and Fevers Hearing your baby’s first sniffle, sneeze, or cough can be a little frightening for new parents, leaving you wondering how to take care of a baby’s cold and how to tell the difference between the common cold and something that needs more attention. According to, most babies get a cold around 7 times before they turn one year old. If your little one is under 3 months old, call the doctor as soon as symptoms arise, especially if they have a fever. However, once they turn 3 months old, they are more likely to contract the common cold from those around them. If your little one is around other toddlers or children, they will most likely catch these germs rather frequently, as their bodies have not yet developed an immunity. A baby’s temperature is typically around 97.5°F (or 36.4°C). With a cold, your little one’s temperature can reach 100.4°F (38°C). If they have a fever higher than this, call to consult with your paediatrician. The best way to take your little one’s temperature has always been rectal as it has the most accurate and rapid results. Although nowadays, medical professionals are saying that temporal artery thermometry (using a digital forehead thermometer) has results that are just as accurate. has great advice on how to properly take a rectal temperature on your baby. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can always opt to take your little one’s temperature on their forehead or in their armpit. If you are going to take the temperature rectally, begin by turning your digital thermometer on and lubricating the tip with petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline). Lay your little one on his/her back and lift his/her feet in the air from under their knees/by their thighs. Slowly and carefully insert the thermometer 1/2 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 centimetres) into the rectum making sure your baby is laying steady and not fidgeting around too much. Be sure not to use force. Bundling up your Baby For the most part, as long as your little one is dressed in comfortable layers, he/she will be comfy and cozy! Once temperatures drop below freezing (32°F or 0°C) you should keep them indoors as the severe cold can damage and dry out their (and your!) skin. When dressing your baby to go outdoors, be sure to always have a warm hat covering their head and mittens protecting their little hands. Typically dressing your little one in one layer more than what you are comfortable in, is enough to keep your baby cozy and warm. For example, if you are comfortable outdoors in a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt, your little one should be dressed in a long sleeve onesie, an additional shirt over that, plus a sweatshirt/sweater to keep them snug. If you have your little one in a winter coat while walking outdoors, be sure to remove the coat before buckling them into a car seat. explains that in a car crash, the extra padding of a coat immediately flattens out and leaves a gap between the seat belt harness and the baby. This can lead to the baby being bounced around harshly or even thrown from their car seat. If a stroller sack or blanket is not sufficient to keep them warm outdoors and they must wear a coat, remember to remove it before buckling them into a car seat.Knowing how to keep your little ones comfortable and safe during these cold months can make winter a great time to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time, cozily indoors.
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Creating a memory journal of what your child had to say

It’s true what they say, in the blink of an eye your precious babies are all grown up and making their own paths through life. It all happens so quickly; it literally makes your head spin. As parents we start the worrying and the memory creating from the moment we find out we are expecting – from monthly check-ups and monitoring in utero to the monitoring of their breathing movements, sleep patterns and behavior out in the real world. You can check your baby's breathing with our baby breathing monitors.  As a parent or caregiver a baby monitor gives you peace of mind and assurance about the safety and well-being of your littles ones, as it allows you to keep an eye on them whilst still giving you the opportunity to attend to other things. With this little magical device, you can easily watch them snoozing, playing in their crib and/or even listen to them murmur as they put themselves back to sleep (which is pretty adorable and amazing too). It is also a great “spying” tool that helps you capture all the little things they do and say, which is fantastic material for your memory journal. Our kids heads are filled with thoughts, ideas, notions and words that they are just dying to share with us and they are an exploration of life, entertaining, at times boring and more often than not have us rolling on the floor in hysterics (and sometimes I mean literally rolling on the floor). Through your Babysense V65 HD Baby Monitor Camera you will be able to start capturing, these not to be missed moments, early on and document them while still fresh in your memory. The benefit of using a video monitor instead of an audio monitor is that not only will you be able to hear the laughter bouncing off the walls, but with the Babysense V65 high resolution 5 “ LCD you’ll see the smile that lights up the room too. The crystal-clear HD picture quality will help you see in vivid detail what was happening when your little one uttered their words of wisdom.Not only can you watch and listen whilst your little one is playing and freely speaking their minds, but you can communicate with them through the Two-Way talk function and see their reactions when they hear you through the camera. This a great tool to enjoy real time two-way communication and is a fun way to set the stage for your little one to express themselves without feeling like they are being watched (even though they really are). With the option of using 2 cameras you can either listen in and monitor 2 rooms or if you prefer place the 2 cameras in 1 room capturing 2 different angles. It is best to place the cameras on a flat surface e.g. on the top of a chest of drawers/changing table or mount them in the corner on the wall using the provided wall mounting kit. Please ensure that any excess cord is secured and is not visible or reachable. The secure 2.4GHz technology used, together with the fact that the V65 does not require WiFi or the internet to work, gives you extra security knowing you are the only one watching and talking to your kids and capturing these precious moments. The memory book that the use of the Babysense V65 Baby Video Monitor helps you create is not only a book of milestones but rather the small, everyday things that happen that you do not want to forget. You can write down specific stories, events and the funny or seemingly simple things they say, as well as letters to your children as to how you are feeling, what they mean to you and what you wish for them – it may seem a little silly now but when your kids are older and they read them they’ll see how much they are loved and how much you cherished every moment, from the milestones to the simple every day happenings. Even if your kids are a little older it is never too late to start recording special and funny memories for them. You do not need a fancy book to start, just some paper or a small book and pen – that is it! This is not a journal just for the sake of a journal but an opportunity to write to your kids from the heart and tell them the full story of their life. The standard baby books are wonderful and I would encourage you to keep one of those, as well, as they record the major events and milestones, but this memory journal will fill in the blanks and provide the details of the full story – the beautiful moments, the funny moments, the inappropriate moments, the overwhelming moments and the emotional moments. Capturing what you hear and see through your Babysense Baby Video Monitor (in regular view or in Zoom view, so as not to miss their adorable facial expressions) is a chance to create a treasure that both you and your kids will love looking through.
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Creating New Lockdown Halloween Traditions During Covid19

While this year has certainly been one for the books, it doesn’t mean Halloween has to be canceled because of COVID. Trick or treating may not look the same this year, but with a little creativity, we can make new traditions with our families. It may be hard for kids to understand why they cannot celebrate in normal Halloween celebrations, which is why parents are scrambling to figure out how to celebrate Halloween safely so their kids don’t feel like they’re missing out. But if this year has taught us anything, it’s how to make lemonade out of lemons.This guide on Halloween during a pandemic was created for parents looking to make a memorable experience for their children, without losing the fun! You’ve Been Booed! You’ve been booed is an exciting game to play with your neighbors, all while social distancing! Start the chain by making a Halloween care package for your neighbor, with instructions on how to keep the game going. For example: Enjoy your treats! Place a ‘We’ve Been Booed!’ sign on your front door or window. Make a copy of these instructions and include them in your care package. Secretly deliver to a neighbor who hasn’t been booed yet! Balloon Trick or Treat Make the most out of Halloween this year with a socially distanced trick or treating experience. This is an affordable and easy to do project kids of all ages can participate in. All you need are white, orange, and green balloons and a black sharpie marker to draw ghosts, pumpkins, and zombies on them. Use a black curling ribbon that is weighed down by a full-sized candy bar, and that’s it! Baking Night Dress the kids up as chefs and supervise as they make sugar cookies and decorate them! Or if you’re like me, and want to avoid a mess in the kitchen, prepare the cookies yourself and have the kids decorate them. My Babysense video baby monitor makes cooking in the kitchen easier because I can still keep an eye on my kids, wherever in the house they might be. Pumpkin Carving & Decorating Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween activity! Older kids love being able to carve a pumpkin to whatever character they please. This activity may not be suitable for younger kids or toddlers, so while you and your older kids are carving pumpkins, use your Babysense video monitor to rest assured that they are safely enjoying themselves elsewhere in the home. Games There are countless Halloween games you can play without socializing outside your home. From pin the spider on the web, spooky ghost bowling, playing hide and seek, a scavenger hunt, a candy-filled Halloween pinata, and making Halloween sensory boxes together, Halloween during COVID is a great opportunity to create forever traditions with your family.
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10 Reasons You Need a Baby Video Monitor

You can’t put a price tag on the sheer calmness of mind when your baby is sleeping. As parents, we strive to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our children. Parenting a newborn comes with a lot of stress, and having a top-notch baby monitor can help put you at ease. A baby monitor is an essential tool for the well-being of your child. It provides your baby with necessary security, and you the comfort, and peace of mind. Babysense video baby monitors have become the preferred choice by most parents, because of added on-screen information and its functionality, it benefits parents in numerous ways.  Babysense is always committed to helping you make safe choices for your family. Having a baby is an exciting time for any new family. Your newest addition can also come with new worries and concerns. You’ll probably start feeling like you want more eyes (and ears) on your baby to see that they are safe and secure at every moment.  A baby monitor should add value to your life, and when you find the right one you will be thankful for it. Check out these top ten important reasons why you need a baby video monitor.  Live video of your baby A baby video monitor is an extraordinary safety tool for your baby’s nursery. Without it, parents wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on their baby and his/her movements without being physically present. Having a live video feed is an added source of peace of mind and confidence that gives parents the sense of being able to be in “two places at once.” Rather than frequently going to the nursery to make sure your baby’s okay, a Babysense video baby monitor allows parents to match both sound and sight together to know they’re okay just by looking at the monitor screen.  For the ultimate peace of mind, parents opt for a bundle pack including a video and movement/breathing monitor - like Babysense’s 2in1 Bundle Pack - which provides that extra level of security new parents need.  Having cameras in your baby’s room lets you know exactly what’s going on in real-time, while motion sensors provide the reassurance we sometimes need as parents.  Ensures extra safety and security  Babysense is considered a vital measure of protection for your baby, and because we know how important it is to be able to watch your child and track their movement, we’ve created the most reliable motion and baby breathing monitors out there. For instance, Babysense 7 provides two highly sensitive sensor pads that go under the crib mattress and detect even the slightest movement, like breathing.  If your baby’s movement stops for longer than 20 seconds, or if breath rates decrease to less than 10 breaths per minute, a red LED light will shine and an alarm will sound immediately. Sensor pads continue to be the preferred method to monitor the baby’s movement, as opposed to wearable monitors, which tend to cause false alarms as it’ relies on a stationary baby. As your baby becomes mobile, there’s a chance of the wearable monitor falling off or moving around. For this reason, sensor pads have fewer false alarms as they are secure in place under the mattress.  Much needed sleep for parents  A video baby monitor comes with the freedom to sleep more without having to constantly keep an eye on the baby. Parents to newborns know that a good night’s sleep is as rare as it is invaluable, and with extra of it, they’ll feel replenished and ready to conquer the day. It is crucial that you, as parents, get enough sleep. You want to be the best version of yourself for your baby, and that requires you to be well-rested. A video monitor stops parents from getting up in the middle of the night to check on their baby, or even to check on their crying baby, as they can watch from their monitor if their baby will fall back asleep on their own.   Now, if you’re a deep sleeper, a baby video monitor is just what you need to ensure you hear and see all your baby’s sounds from the comfort of your bed, most likely with one eye cracked open.  Your alone time  As much as you love your baby and want to be with them around the clock, sometimes that’s just not possible. What happens when your baby falls asleep and you want some alone time? Not to mention, you most likely have other duties to tend to around the house or at work, and having your baby by your side makes these tasks almost impossible to complete. It’s nice to have a baby video monitor you can count on to provide a live feed, wherever you might be in the house. Whether they’re playing or sleeping, having a reliable picture of what’s going on while you take care of business is a great convenience.  Grows with baby  A baby video monitor has more capabilities than just watching your sleeping baby. As your child grows, you can use your monitor for different purposes. Whether it be giving your child alone time or transitioning them to a bigger bed, you’ll be able to use your monitor system to watch them from a distance.  Most modern video monitors have a two-way talk feature, which acts as a walkie talkie. If your child is being too loud or for any other reason you may want to contact them, you can easily do so via this function.  Babysense’s 2in1 video and movement monitor is a jack of all trades with features that you can use as your needs change when your child grows and develops. The monitor itself offers all sorts of amazing features like two-way talk, a pan-tilt-zoom HD camera, night vision, and a long-range - all of which are super helpful for when your baby turns into a toddler and you rely on the baby video monitor for different things. Checking on baby’s position  With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is standing, sitting, or laying down without having to enter the nursery. Some parents believe in self-soothing, so being able to watch as your baby soothes himself back to sleep without parent intervention can be very beneficial.  As your baby grows, they learn to pull themselves up and sit up, which means they’ll experience their fair share of falling. Parents can prevent these common injuries by monitoring them and being able to know immediately if an injury did occur. Tracks baby’s sleep  Keeping track of naps, nighttime sleep, and in-betweens can help construct a consistent sleep schedule. Since most, if not all, babies wake up during the night, baby video monitors can certainly help let you watch your baby in between sleep cycles and to see if they’ll fall back asleep on their own, or if they may need something from you. Most importantly, if your child is self-soothing and falling back asleep, then the video monitor can help prevent you from walking into the room and disrupting your baby’s normal sleep cycle.  With an audio baby monitor, parents won’t know if they’re baby is tossing and turning and restless. With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is just restless or needs to be held. Doctors advise that babies between the ages of 1 and 3 require 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day, while babies under the age of 1 need even more sleep. A video monitor is essential in making sure your baby is well-rested and has a normal sleep cycle. This allows parents to follow the baby’s sleeping patterns and make sure they’re getting enough sleep, and if not, they can detect the reason behind it and consult with their doctor for a solution.   Less stress and greater peace of mind Raising a child can undoubtedly be quite stressful. Most parents feel a certain level of anxiety when they can’t see or hear their baby.  A video monitor can help reduce the stress associated with being apart from your baby by showing you everything you need in one glance. Another advantage of a baby video monitor is being able to use it as a nanny cam. This helps give you peace of mind by allowing you to keep a close eye on your child and their caretaker when you’re away. Babysense’s video monitor allows you to check-in remotely to see that your baby is safe and your household is running smoothly.  Monitors temperature  Why is it important to monitor the climate in your baby’s room? Young children and babies are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Babysense’s video monitors include a temperature sensor that shows the rooms’ temperature on-screen. This feature gives parents the power to control the nursery’s climate, and make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Parents attest to this feature being critical in making sure your baby isn’t overheating and is comfortable while asleep.  Night vision  Day or night, you expect your video monitor to relay a crystal clear view of your baby. Babysense’s sharp infrared night vision automatically detects dim light and allows you to keep an eye on baby all night. This feature helps you have a better night’s sleep, as you won’t have to turn on the lights or get out of bed to know what baby is up to.  Babysense is here for you Your baby video monitor isn’t just for the cute baby footage, but for the remarkable features that come with it. It’s a simple way to help you, and your baby, feel comfortable day and night. You may not be able to have eyes on your baby at every moment of the day, but with a Babysense video monitor, you can feel like you do. Babysense’s commitment is to support parents in our communities to feel at ease when bringing their babies home. We are determined to help keep every baby safe at home, as we know this is every parent’s top priority. If you’re interested in learning about our different products or to purchase Babysense offers our 2 in 1 Bundle Pack.
11 Fun Ways To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant - Babysense

11 Fun Ways To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting and happy time for many parents-to-be. One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is sharing the news about your growing family with the people you love most! It is such a surreal feeling when you and your partner share the big baby news with your parents. Your pregnancy is a major life change – and not just for you. Your parents may feel almost as excited as you do about your growing family. Telling your parents that you are pregnant is a very special occasion and will be one of the most exciting reveals. Not only have your parents been looking forward to this moment, but their reactions are typically emotional – and epic. Becoming a grandparent is a beautiful time in a parent’s life and you’ll want to make this special moment even more memorable for both you and them by creating a fun way to announce your big news to them!  If you’re looking for fun ways to reveal your pregnancy to your parents, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. From sonograms to onesies, having an interactive announcement will get your loved ones even more excited about your pregnancy news. So for all the sons and daughters promoting their parents to grandparents, we’ve got you covered! Check out 11 of our best pregnancy announcement ideas. But be ready, and keep the tissues close – because we promise that once your parents see these they will be flooded with emotions! Scratch-off lottery tickets Everyone’s a winner with this pregnancy announcement scratcher for your parents! Surprise them by giving them a lottery ticket, with an unexpected prize! These cards are a great and fun way to tell parents you’re pregnant. This unique scratcher will amuse your mom and dad while you reveal the big news! If you can get their reaction on video, even better! You can get these cute cards on Amazon, which they’ll be able to frame as a forever keepsake. Wrap-up a gift for them to open  Handing your parents a gift to open, when it isn’t their birthday or anniversary, will raise their suspicions. Nicely wrap up a baby onesie or frame one of your ultrasound pictures from an appointment and watch your parents’ faces as they learn the big news! You can even custom-make a baby onesie that says ‘Hello Grandma and Grandpa, See You Soon’ which is a super cute and fun way to tell them that a little one is on the way! You can also use a baby onesie to take memorable photographs with your partner and your family that you’ll remember forever. Fun wine bottle labels Soon-to-be moms won’t be able to partake, but you can still share the exciting news with your parents and surprise them with their favorite bottle of wine! Customize the label to say ‘The Best Parents Just Got Promoted to Grandparents’ and watch as your parents put the pieces together. These wine bottles are a hit for many pregnancy reveal moments, which are especially great after a family get-together or around the holidays. Tears of joy guaranteed! Wear a pregnancy reveal T-shirt Wearing a pregnancy announcement T-shirt shares your announcement loud and clear. Wear a shirt that says ‘expecting’ and wait until one of your parents takes a long enough look to get the message! You can also give the soon-to-be grandparents a T-shirt with the news while capturing memorable photos of them absorbing what the shirt says. “We’re Having a Baby” cake topper  Your news is sweet, so why not make the way you deliver it sweet as well? You can put a “We’re Having a Baby” cake topper on a cake or cookies you decorate to tell your parents they’re becoming grandparents! Bring out the dessert after a family dinner. It will be the ultimate sweet announcement! Music to their ears Record your baby’s heartbeat and play it for your parents to surprise them with the big news. There are so many different options on how to go about this reveal, from a simple phone recording taken during your doctor appointment to a stuffed animal with a heartbeat or even a bracelet with your baby’s heartbeat sound waves. Whichever way you go about this, we can guarantee tears of joy! Customize a puzzle  A puzzle is a unique pregnancy announcement idea. Your parents will start getting the message piece by piece as they assemble the puzzle. You can design a custom puzzle to be anywhere from five to thousands of pieces, only you know which your parents will appreciate. Make sure you have a camera ready once the puzzle is complete! Attach a note to a pacifier Wrap up a pacifier and attach a note from your future baby. The note can say something along the lines of ‘Dear grandma and grandpa please keep this here for me in case I need it when I come to visit!’ This is a cute and practical pregnancy reveal, as now you have an extra pacifier on hand! This is also a great idea that you can send in the mail if you’re far away. It’s up to you what to include and what to write on the note, but know your parents will forever cherish it. Pregnancy announcement coupon  A coupon is a fun and easy way to share your pregnancy news with your parents. All you need to do is print a coupon that says ‘Coupon Good for One Grandchild’. This pregnancy announcement is one you’re going to want your camera ready for so that you can catch your parents’ ‘ah-ha’ moment! Play baby charades  Charades is an all-time game night classic. It’s a great game for family get-togethers, so play a round of charades with the grandparents-to-be to reveal your big news! There are many funny pregnancy announcements out there, but this couple playing with their parents might be the best one yet! This is sure to be a game of charades your family will never forget!  And the one we’ve all been waiting for… Made in quarantine pregnancy announcement  The joke was made countless times when lockdown began: There’s going to be a baby boom by the end of the year. Well, for those who did get pregnant during quarantine, you should take advantage of these priceless announcements! Here are a few hilarious and cute ‘we’re expecting’ announcements for babies made during the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Will be coming out of Quarantine on…’ ‘Product of quarantine & chill’ ‘My parents didn’t practice social distancing’ You can surprise your parents with the best, most heartwarming news in times were good news is few and far between. Wow! That’s a lot of information and many ideas to choose from. It’s no surprise that announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Hopefully, these gave you some fun and creative ways to give your parents the surprise of a lifetime when you announce your pregnancy. As memorable and special sharing your pregnancy with your family will be, remember, this is only the beginning of your journey and the best is yet to come. As your pregnancy progresses, we recommend doing a week-by-week pregnancy blog or write a journal to reflect on all these fun and exciting moments you are experiencing. Being pregnant is a real-life miracle, and once you give birth you’ll want to have a blog or journal you to help you remember your beautiful pregnancy journey. Ideas for your blog/journal: Record the fun way you told your parents you’re pregnant Write a letter to your baby when you find out the gender What it feels like becoming a mom for the first time What if feels like becoming a dad for the first time  If you’re interested in starting a blog to record your pregnancy and would like more information, take a look at these topnotch blogs that provide insight, humor, and perspective on everything you’ve ever wondered about pregnancy – and even some things you never even thought to consider. If you’re interested in reading how 11 real couples shared their pregnancy news with their families, you can find their sweet and heartwarming stories here. You can use their stories to get more inspired by the beautiful ways in which these couples shared their pregnancy with their parents. Whichever way you choose to announce your baby news to your parents, it’s your very own special way of saying, “You’re going to become grandparents!”  We hope you’ve found a fun pregnancy announcement idea that suits you and your parents’ style, and you’ve been inspired to create your own special pregnancy announcement. We’d love to see which announcement you decide on! Please share pictures of your pregnancy announcement and gender reveals on our Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out our great range of video baby monitors and baby breathing monitors as they are important baby must-haves to help your transition home with baby the best it can be.

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