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The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor To Buy In 2021

Not all monitors are created equally! Be sure the product you get is one that matches your needs. Be on the lookout for one with good quality images, clear audio, and a wide range so you can make sure not to lose the connection while you’re moving around your home. 
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After bringing your infant home from the hospital, you want to make sure everything is prepared and ready to care for them. You want to feel certain that you can always look after them, even when they are fast asleep in their crib! Having a great video monitor gives you the peace of mind you need to move freely around your house while keeping an eye and ear on your loved ones, both during the day and at night. With such a variety of products to choose from, how do you know which monitor is the best one to purchase for you and your family’s needs? With so many new features popping up so frequently, how do you keep up with what is best? Some basic features might seem like enough, leaving you wondering if the others are unnecessary. Learning what each feature is capable of, can help you reach the right decision when shopping for a monitor for your baby’s room.

Not all monitors are created equally! Be sure the product you get is one that matches your needs. Be on the lookout for one with good quality images, clear audio, and a wide range so you can make sure not to lose the connection while you’re moving around your home. You want to be able to monitor your little one whether you are in the kitchen getting dinner prepared, in the basement doing laundry, or even sitting in your backyard. Finding a monitor that has a camera with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom can help you when you want to look around the crib or if you want to zoom in to see your little one’s adorable face. Another great feature to keep an eye out for, is auto infrared night vision. This gives you the ability to see your little one in the dark just as clearly as you would be able to see them during the daytime.

A very useful tool some monitors include is two-way audio. This feature lets you not only listen to your little one, but it lets you speak to them as well! With just the push of a button, you can turn on the two-way audio and soothe your baby with the sound of your voice without having to enter their room, which can sometimes wake them up and disrupt their rest. This will teach your baby to become an independent sleeper, which babybonus says can prevent settling and waking problems later on. If you have older children, you can turn on the two-way audio to let them know you will be right with them or answer any questions they may have while you are anywhere in the house! This can give your child a sense of comfort that you are always with them, even if you are not in the room.

Investing in a good, quality, baby breathing monitor or video baby monitor can benefit you for years to come. A monitor is not just used in a child’s infant years! If you have a reliable product from a reputable brand, you can count on being able to continue using the same monitor and camera well into your child’s toddler years as well.

When your child grows into a curious toddler, letting them have some “independent play” time is extremely important for their emotional and cognitive development. According to, letting your little ones play on their own during the day helps foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. Children who know how to play on their own and entertain themselves, learn to explore and use their imagination which helps them greatly as they grow older. However, some parents worry about leaving their little ones to play alone in their room without being able to keep an eye on them, but having a good quality monitor can come in handy!

With the Babysense V43 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor you will feel right there in the room with your little one at all times. With crystal clear pictures on LCD screens, you never have to worry about blurry vision. The Auto Infrared Night Vision makes viewing them at night-time, look just as clear as it is during the day. With its firm stability and hack-proof technology, you can rest assured that you will not pick up on any outside sounds and that there will be no interference on your connection.

Aside from having all the wonderful features listed above, the V43 is also a 2 camera and split-screen baby monitor. What this means is that with one monitor you get a dual view on one screen from two different cameras!

This is especially helpful when you have twins or two children close in age. The two cameras can be pointed at the same crib in different positions so that you can see your little one at different angles. You can also set the two cameras up in the same room but at different beds if your children share a room, or even put them in two different rooms! You will still be able to view both cameras’ feeds on the double baby monitor with a split-screen! When using the two-way audio, you can even select which camera you’d like to use at any given time. This way, if you choose to have the cameras set up in two separate rooms, you can turn on the speaker for only one child so that he/she can hear you and not disrupt the other! This makes soothing your littles ones much easier!

Babysense is a best-selling company with almost 30 years of extensive knowledge and expertise in developing video baby monitors. The company’s core focus is parents’ peace of mind and babies’ safety which is achieved by continuous research and using the most advanced technological means available.

It has been compared and inspected by many companies and receives amazing reviews! calls it “one of the best split-screen baby monitors with movement monitor” and rated it as “Best Value Dual Screen Baby Monitor

With so many happy customers, the testimonials speak for themselves!

Molly H. saysWe have a 5-year-old and a newborn! It was such a great decision, buying this monitor. The sound picks up well enough that even only listening in on the baby’s room, we can still hear our 5-year-old if she needs something. You can also split all the settings. Our 5 year old likes a song to go to sleep, but our newborn does not. It works really well for us and after a lot of research, I’m glad we picked Babysense!

AR writesAfter a few months of using the monitor I have to say it’s a lifesaver. Being able to check on both of my kids while they’re sleeping gives me such peace of mind! The product works well and is easy to use. My daughter loves that I can talk to her through the mic to let her know I’m coming.”

If you’d like to read more about other families’ experiences with the Babysense V43 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, you can click here and scroll to the bottom to read more reviews or submit any questions of your own!

Finding the right monitor that you can depend on throughout your baby’s childhood doesn’t have to be a “mission impossible” if you know what you need and what to look for. The experts at Babysense are always available to answer any of your questions!

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