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Three tips for your newborn baby’s sleep

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The newborn stage can be a difficult time as you get to know your baby and understand her newborn needs. Newborn sleep is one of the areas that can pose a challenge. Trials you may encounter include - Catnapping – staying asleep for short periods and waking just 15 minutes after settling to sleep. Unsettled early evenings - refusing to fall asleep and exhibiting colicky symptoms. Day and night reversal - sleeping better in the day than at night. There are three simple tips you can use to cope with these common challenges:
  1. Swaddle your baby to prevent the startle reflex from waking her when asleep. Swaddling not only mimics the calm world of the womb but also restrains her arms against the hypnogogic startle – a leading cause of wakings shortly after falling asleep. Try the heart shape designed Baby Sense Cuddlewrap for optimal swaddling with ease.
  2. Watch your baby’s awake times to ensure she is not overtired in the evenings. Just 45 – 60 minutes of ‘awake time’ is optimal before going down to sleep in the evening.
  3. White noise, such as the Baby Sense Womb to World CD/MP3, will enhance sleep at night as it re-enacts the womb world where your baby slept very well.
Using simple strategies, you will find your baby sleeps better, making your life a whole lot easier.

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