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Week 14

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Congratulations! You’ve officially entered into the second trimester and this is known to be the most enjoyable stage of your pregnancy. Your nausea should be just about gone, your breasts will hopefully be feeling less tender, and with a bit of luck you should start to feel a lot more energetic. But with all this renewed energy, your appetite may have also dramatically increased. This is only natural as your baby is growing at a rapid rate – be sure to stock your pantry with healthy snacks that’ll benefit both you and your growing bump. Your Baby Your baby is about the size of an apple, and weighs 43 grams (that’s almost doubled in growth from last week) and is about 8.8cm in length from head to bottom. Your little one is starting to develop an ultra fine, downy covering of hair called lanugo, which will help keep them warm until they fatten up near the end. Incredibly, their little kidneys are already making urine, and their liver and spleen are functioning too. If you head for a scan this week, you may even catch your little one sucking its thumb. Your Body You should start feeling almost human again, and your hair might be getting thicker and shinier – one of the few perks to pregnancy so enjoy it! But alas, you may also be feeling some sharp aches and pains in your abdomen as your ligaments begin to soften and stretch to make room for the little guy. Other second trimester symptoms include increased appetite, continued breast growth and an increasingly stuffy nose. Sensible Tips
  • Now would be a great time to plan a Babymoon – one last soiree with you and your partner before the nugget rocks up. It’s a good time to do something together, as now is the time when you’ll have the most energy during your pregnancy.

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