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Week 25

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Your little soccer ball is now fully exposed, with the little midfielder regularly kicking, constantly reminding you about the upcoming match day. But with your growing bump, you can be sure to experience new pregnancy symptoms each day, which now includes heartburn, gas, bloating and snoring to name just a few. But take comfort in knowing that you have just 15 weeks left to go until you are full term. Your Baby Now it’s the size of a pawpaw, measuring 34cm and weighing in at around 670 grams. That lean little figure is fattening up and becoming pinker. Your baby is also growing more hair, and by now it’s starting to show colour. The lungs are also steadily developing, as well as the nostrils. Up until now they have been blocked, but this week they will start to open. When this occurs, your little one will be able to take practice breaths in preparation for due date. Your Body With your growing uterus putting pressure on your rectum you may develop hemorrhoids. Which quite frankly can be downright painful and unpleasant. Constipation can aggravate it further, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids and add lots of fibre to your diet. You may also be struggling to sleep as your bump gets in the way of finding a comfy position. Restricted sleeping positions and frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night can make for long and wakeful nights. Try place pillows between your legs, behind your back, and under your belly to get a little more comfortable. Sensible Tips
  • Your second trimester is almost coming to an end, and so are your increased energy levels. Make sure you tick as many items off that to-do list as possible while you still have energy to move around.
  • If you haven’t started thinking about names, now would be a good time to really sit down and right down a few options that could be in the running.
  • Don’t forget to take a picture of that growing bump as a keepsake.

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