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Week 26

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Working a full day, rushing to antenatal classes, dashing to Yoga, sprinting home to cook dinner and walk the dog? It’s time to slow down and put your swollen feet up a bit more than what you’re used to. Less Superwoman and more Lois Lane please. While taking time out to relax, you may occasionally feel a sudden tightening in your belly – that is a contraction! Say what! But don’t panic and rush off to hospital with your bag packed just yet. It’s just your body preparing itself for the big day. As long as the contractions are irregular and mild you’re not in labour, you just experiencing a bout of Braxton Hicks. Your Baby Your nugget is now approximately 750 grams, measures over 35cm and is the size of an aubergine. Their playground is starting to become a bit cramped which means their movements may be restricted to more kicking and punching and less cartwheels and somersaults. Excitingly, your little one’s eyes are now beginning to open and they can start seeing what’s going on around them. In other growth news, their immune system is gearing up for life outside the womb by soaking up your antibodies. Your Body Your blood pressure may be increasing slightly, which is normal. However, your caregiver will be monitoring this at all your checkups, as a serious condition called Preeclampsia can develop around this time. Make sure you listen to your body and are aware of unusual changes that should signal warning signs. Call your doctor if you have sudden swelling in your face or puffiness around the eyes. We know you’re already feeling like a balloon, but if the swelling seems above average and you have sudden weight gain, splitting headaches or blurred vision you could have the onset of Preeclampsia. Sensible Tips
  • Have you decided whether you’ll be keeping your baby’s cord in a stem cell bank? If so, set up an appointment with a consultant to find out more about the benefits and costs involved.

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