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Week 30

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Your baby is growing daily and you’re probably wondering how it’s possible that your belly is going to expand anymore than it already has to accommodate this little person for another 10 weeks! And to top it off, the list of pregnancy ailments just keeps on growing. Heartburn is probably burning a hole in your chest. And your expanding uterus, which is putting increased pressure on your stomach, only makes matters worse. By now you most likely finding it impossible to sleep with your belly in the way of a securing a remotely comfortable position. Your Baby Your little one is now the size of a cucumber, and weighs in at a healthy 1.35kg. Your baby plans to pack on the weight by about 200g per week for the next 7 weeks. Your baby’s skin is getting smoother, and their brain is developing more with each day that passes. They will now be strong enough to grasp your finger too. You’ll definitely be feeling more definitive movements, you may even be feeling their limbs move about. Your Body Round about now you’re probably starting to feel baby bump fatigue … Quite simply, you’re getting tired of lugging this massive ball around. Having every pregnancy symptom thrown at you from heartburn and increased urination to swollen feet, isn’t making the situation any better. Frankly, you’re exhausted – and it’s totally understandable. Be sure to put your feet up regularly and drink lots of fluids. It’s not too much longer now. Sensible Tips
  • With increased swelling over the next few weeks it would be wise to remove your rings. Those once lean fingers are very quickly becoming porky pies and your rings could cut off circulation.
  • Get all documents in order for birth registration, which can sometimes be done whilst in hospital.
  • Make sure you plan a visit around the maternity ward and familiarize yourself with the surroundings that will become home for a few days.
  • Start packing your hospital bag with the essentials that you will need for the big day.

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