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Week 4

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CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve probably just found out that you are pregnant (or are about to find out). This could be a moment of complete joy or utter surprise but either way, take this time to process what it all means and share the news with your partner (but don’t post it all over Facebook just yet). This is the embryonic period – from now until 10 weeks, all of your baby’s organs will begin to develop and, amazingly, some will even begin to function. At this stage you should still be feeling little, or no symptoms at all, since most pregnancy signs have not kicked in just yet; but we still recommend booking an appointment with your gynecologist or doctor to confirm your pregnancy. Also, take the time to discuss suitable supplements you should be taking to give your baby the best start in life. Your Baby Your baby, now known as a blastocyst, is still teeny tiny, and no bigger than the size of a poppy seed. But important developments are already starting to take place as they nestle into their new home, your uterus. The ball of cells then splits into two, with one half becoming the placenta, the other becoming your embryo. Your Body Whilst most pregnancy symptoms are not obvious now, you may be one of the ‘lucky’ few who are already experiencing the early signs of pregnancy. Symptoms can include breast tenderness, moodiness, and a heightened sensitivity to smell. Bouts of nausea may also be hitting you in your near future, and bloating may soon be a common occurrence thanks to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Sensible Tips
  • Book your first prenatal visit with your GP or gynaecologist to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Buy a good prenatal vitamin that includes folic acid.
  • Calculate your due date

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