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When is my baby tired

In the early days many babies have difficulty dealing with the world outside the womb, and can easily become over stimulated which may result in fussy and colicky behaviour.Your baby needs you to watch for signs of overstimulation and fussing and to calm his environment if need be. To establish a sense-able rhythm in the first few weeks, remember that your baby will most likely not be able to stay awake happily for longer than 40 – 60 minutes before needing to go back to sleep again. Remember to tune in to his signals and offer the appropriate solution. Over-tired signals:
  • Irritability
  • Looking away from you
  • Squirming with frantic movements
  • Arching his back and neck
  • Frowning
  • Hiccups and colour changes around the mouth
  • Gagging and spitting up
  • Crying
  • Calm his environment and reduce stimulation
  • Hold him firmly and avoid chopping and changing positions
  • Swaddle him tightly with his hands near his face
  • Say “sshh” quietly and rock him gently in your arms, or push him in his pram
  • Let him suck on his or your finger or a dummy
  • Persevere with one strategy for about 2 minutes before trying another
By Sr Ann Richardson

Sr Ann Richardson is the author of Toddler Sense and also co-authored Baby Sense and Sleep Sense. She is a qualified nurse and midwife and has worked in the midwifery and paediatric fields for 30 years. For more information from Sr Ann Richardson go to www.toddlersense.com or email her at info@toddlersense.co.za

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