Week 23 - Babysense
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Week 23

You may be starting to feel a little more uncomfortable and tired at the end of each day, and swollen feet are certainly not making the situation any better. Sluggish circulation, and increased water retention are what’s causing the swelling. So make sure that in the upcoming weeks you regularly take time out to put your feet up and drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Your Baby Your gorgeous growing babe is about the size of a mango, around 29cm and weighs in at roughly 500 grams. If you had a sneak peak into the womb, you’d find that your little one is getting bigger and cuter by the day. Their little face is as cute as buttons and just needs a little extra fat to fill it out before they’re absolutely perfect in mom’s eyes. Which brings us to our next point: your baby is about to embark on a massive growth spurt over the next four weeks, will double in weight, so those cheeks will fatten up in no time. In other news, your baby is taking time out of their busy growing schedule to listen to all that’s going on in the outside world. They’re starting to recognize sounds, the first being mom’s voice, and may even recognize their furry friend’s bark when they arrive home for the first time. Your Body Don’t freak out, but you may actually be able to see your little one move about under your skin. You may also be noticing a dark line running between your belly button and pelvic area. This line is know as Linea Nigra and is caused by the same hormone that makes your aereolas turn a shade darker as well as your freckles. Fortunately, this discoloration will fade shortly after pregnancy. Sensible Tips Have you started saving for baby’s arrival? We know it feels like it’s weeks away, but its never too early to start saving. This would be a good time to discuss a will with your partner. With an extra family member on the way, you will need to adjust your will to ensure that your child is taken care of.
Week 24 - Babysense
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Week 24

In the past week your uterus has lifted above your belly button and is now the size of a soccer ball, so stretching down to paint those toenails may be a little more difficult. To make matters worse, you’re probably constantly wanting to scratch all over your breasts and bump which are itchy due to the stretching skin. At this stage of your pregnancy, you may be required to have a glucose-screening test to see if you have gestational diabetes (a pregnancy-related, high blood sugar condition). Your Baby Your baby is the size of a grapefruit, weighing 600 grams and is 30cm long. If growing were an Olympic sport, your baby would be a gold medalist, already plumping up by 100 grams since last week. They’re filling up and looking more like a newborn baby everyday. And that gorgeous face that you’ll be kissing non-stop in the near future is just about fully formed. Your cherub is sprouting hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Their see-through skin is also gradually starting to become more opaque. Your Body You may be starting to feel a little heavier on your feet as your bump continues to expand. Besides stretch marks, swollen feet and ankles, and leg cramps – you may also be experiencing numb wrists and fingers. Chances are, it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Get relief by avoiding sleeping on your hands, and sleep with your arms propped up on a pillow at night. Sensible Tips Chat to your medical aid about adding a new family member to the scheme. Make sure you have all your ID documents ready so that your baby can be registered at birth. Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.
Week 25 - Babysense
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Week 25

Your little soccer ball is now fully exposed, with the little midfielder regularly kicking, constantly reminding you about the upcoming match day. But with your growing bump, you can be sure to experience new pregnancy symptoms each day, which now includes heartburn, gas, bloating and snoring to name just a few. But take comfort in knowing that you have just 15 weeks left to go until you are full term. Your Baby Now it’s the size of a pawpaw, measuring 34cm and weighing in at around 670 grams. That lean little figure is fattening up and becoming pinker. Your baby is also growing more hair, and by now it’s starting to show colour. The lungs are also steadily developing, as well as the nostrils. Up until now they have been blocked, but this week they will start to open. When this occurs, your little one will be able to take practice breaths in preparation for due date. Your Body With your growing uterus putting pressure on your rectum you may develop hemorrhoids. Which quite frankly can be downright painful and unpleasant. Constipation can aggravate it further, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids and add lots of fibre to your diet. You may also be struggling to sleep as your bump gets in the way of finding a comfy position. Restricted sleeping positions and frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night can make for long and wakeful nights. Try place pillows between your legs, behind your back, and under your belly to get a little more comfortable. Sensible Tips Your second trimester is almost coming to an end, and so are your increased energy levels. Make sure you tick as many items off that to-do list as possible while you still have energy to move around. If you haven’t started thinking about names, now would be a good time to really sit down and right down a few options that could be in the running. Don’t forget to take a picture of that growing bump as a keepsake.
Week 26 - Babysense
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Week 26

Working a full day, rushing to antenatal classes, dashing to Yoga, sprinting home to cook dinner and walk the dog? It’s time to slow down and put your swollen feet up a bit more than what you’re used to. Less Superwoman and more Lois Lane please. While taking time out to relax, you may occasionally feel a sudden tightening in your belly – that is a contraction! Say what! But don’t panic and rush off to hospital with your bag packed just yet. It’s just your body preparing itself for the big day. As long as the contractions are irregular and mild you’re not in labour, you just experiencing a bout of Braxton Hicks. Your Baby Your nugget is now approximately 750 grams, measures over 35cm and is the size of an aubergine. Their playground is starting to become a bit cramped which means their movements may be restricted to more kicking and punching and less cartwheels and somersaults. Excitingly, your little one’s eyes are now beginning to open and they can start seeing what’s going on around them. In other growth news, their immune system is gearing up for life outside the womb by soaking up your antibodies. Your Body Your blood pressure may be increasing slightly, which is normal. However, your caregiver will be monitoring this at all your checkups, as a serious condition called Preeclampsia can develop around this time. Make sure you listen to your body and are aware of unusual changes that should signal warning signs. Call your doctor if you have sudden swelling in your face or puffiness around the eyes. We know you’re already feeling like a balloon, but if the swelling seems above average and you have sudden weight gain, splitting headaches or blurred vision you could have the onset of Preeclampsia. Sensible Tips Have you decided whether you’ll be keeping your baby’s cord in a stem cell bank? If so, set up an appointment with a consultant to find out more about the benefits and costs involved.
Week 27 - Babysense
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Week 27

Your baby’s lungs and brain are beginning to mature and if you had a peak inside, you’d be able to detect some brain activity. It’ll keep getting more complex every day. Your brain is probably also working overtime, with so many thoughts playing on your mind – how will the labour go? Will I be a good mom? How will I know what to do? Will I be able to afford everything? This anxiety is completely normal, but try and take time out to process your thoughts. Also take a moment to appreciate that if your baby was to be born this week, it would have a good chance of survival (although it would require a considerable amount of time in the neonatal intensive care unit). Your Baby Your baby is the size of a sweet potato, weighs in at approximately 880 grams and is about is about 37cm long from top to toe. Your little button is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals, sucking her thumb and opening and closing those little eyes. You may also feel your little one hiccup occasionally. Your baby practicing their breathing techniques in preparation for the big day when they get to test those lungs for the first time. Your Body Just when you think no more pregnancy symptoms could possibly exist, insert leg cramps (and that’s over and above the now everyday symptoms such as heartburn, back pain, a stuffy nose, ligament pain, snoring, and itchy skin). The extra weight you’re carrying, and the growing uterus is putting pressure on your veins that return blood from your legs to your heart. Sadly, these cramps may worsen as your pregnancy progresses. They often seem to strike at night, so try and put your feet up as much as possible during the day. Sensible Tips Remember to pre-register your birth with your medical aid so that you can receive a medical aid number.
Week 28 - Babysense
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Week 28

Congratulations! You’re on the home stretch. No one said running an ultra marathon was going to be easy, but crossing the finish line will make it all worthwhile. There’s no denying that this last stretch is the toughest one both mentally and physically. By now, just about every ache and pain one can expect during pregnancy is in full swing and you’re probably growing more uncomfortable by the day. Both you and your baby are gearing up for labour. Your breasts are starting to produce colostrum and your little one is practicing breathing techniques. Your Baby Your baby is now the size of an cauliflower, and weighs around 1kg and measures about 38cm. Your baby is almost ready to enter the big world and most of the lanugo is starting to fade. Just about everything is developed and functioning. The next 10 weeks will be spent fine-tuning everything before their birthday. Your cherub is also plumping up and smoothing out that wrinkly skin. Their lungs are also maturing everyday in preparation for life outside the womb. Your Body As your body begins to prepare for labour, you may start feeling more frequent Braxton Hicks. Your breasts may also be in overdrive, so don’t be alarmed if they leak occasionally while they “test” out their new up and coming role. You will also be gaining around a pound per week this trimester and you may start visiting your gynae every second week for a general check up. Sensible Tips If you’re having a boy, now would be a good time to chat to your partner about circumcision. Sometimes religious beliefs make the decision for you, but this is very much a personal preference that should be made together. Take a photo of your growing bump so you can compare your growth from just four weeks back.
Week 29 - Babysense
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Week 29

Your belly is growing daily, and chances are you’re struggling to see your toes over that bump. By now your little champion has perfected the Karate Kid kick and you can feel him move around. You can probably also start getting a good sense of when they’re having a snooze and when they’re awake. Have you started counting your baby’s kicks? It’s important that you count them everyday. You should be experiencing 10 movements within an hour or two. If you don’t, have a light snack and wait for the sugar rush to kick in which should spike movement. However, if you feel that movement is less than it should be, do not hesitate to call your doctor. They may just be having a lazy day, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Your Baby Your bay is now weighing around 1.14kg, about the size of a broccoli (no wonder you can’t see your toes when standing.). Your baby stretches out about 39cm long from head to toe. At this stage, your little one is continuing to fatten up, and allowing their muscles and lungs to mature. Their head is also growing bigger to make way for their enquiring mind. The skeleton will also harden this trimester, which means 250 milligrams of calcium will be deposited into their bodies daily to help this process along, so be sure to drink your milk moms! Your Body Along with the usual aches and pains, you may also be developing varicose veins. They pop up because of the increased blood volume during pregnancy, coupled with your growing uterus putting pressure on your pelvic veins (and lets not forget relaxin which is causing your veins to chill out a bit). They’re fortunately not harmful to you or your baby, but we understand you may be feeling down about their appearance on your once gorgeous and perfectly smooth legs. They should fade once your little one is born. Sensible Tips Make sure your bags are packed for the hospital and that the nursery is just about complete. You should be planning your baby shower over the next weekend or two (don’t leave it for too much longer).
Week 30 - Babysense
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Week 30

Your baby is growing daily and you’re probably wondering how it’s possible that your belly is going to expand anymore than it already has to accommodate this little person for another 10 weeks! And to top it off, the list of pregnancy ailments just keeps on growing. Heartburn is probably burning a hole in your chest. And your expanding uterus, which is putting increased pressure on your stomach, only makes matters worse. By now you most likely finding it impossible to sleep with your belly in the way of a securing a remotely comfortable position. Your Baby Your little one is now the size of a cucumber, and weighs in at a healthy 1.35kg. Your baby plans to pack on the weight by about 200g per week for the next 7 weeks. Your baby’s skin is getting smoother, and their brain is developing more with each day that passes. They will now be strong enough to grasp your finger too. You’ll definitely be feeling more definitive movements, you may even be feeling their limbs move about. Your Body Round about now you’re probably starting to feel baby bump fatigue … Quite simply, you’re getting tired of lugging this massive ball around. Having every pregnancy symptom thrown at you from heartburn and increased urination to swollen feet, isn’t making the situation any better. Frankly, you’re exhausted – and it’s totally understandable. Be sure to put your feet up regularly and drink lots of fluids. It’s not too much longer now. Sensible Tips With increased swelling over the next few weeks it would be wise to remove your rings. Those once lean fingers are very quickly becoming porky pies and your rings could cut off circulation. Get all documents in order for birth registration, which can sometimes be done whilst in hospital. Make sure you plan a visit around the maternity ward and familiarize yourself with the surroundings that will become home for a few days. Start packing your hospital bag with the essentials that you will need for the big day.
Week 31 - Babysense
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Week 31

Can you believe that your little one’s senses are all fully functioning. They can touch, see, smell, taste and hear everything that’s going on in their little world. You may start to feel very short of breath at this stage – as the rounder you get, your stomach feels like it’s squashing your chest, and your chest feels like it’s squashing your lungs. This is because your uterus is taking pride of place, and pushing all your internal organs somewhere else. This means your body is squeezed on air. But you can take a sigh of relief (a small one), because your little one is as happy as a kid in a candy store, they’re getting all the oxygen they need from the placenta. Your Baby Your little baby is about the size of a lettuce, is just 41cm long and weighs anywhere between 1.4 - 1.6kg. They’re almost at full birth length but still need to get a little chubbier before due date. Their home is starting to become a bit cramped which means they can’t move around as freely as before. This gives them a good excuse to catch up on a few zzz’s – you may notice definite times of movement versus sleep. If you’re wondering what your baby is doing all day when they’re awake, they’re most likely sucking their thumb, swallowing, breathing and giving you an occasional nudge. Your Body Yip you guessed it, all those unwelcome pregnancy aches and pains are still there, but the one that may be getting you down the most is sleep … or lack thereof. With a large bump, leg cramps, heartburn, frequent urination and shortness of breath, you’re probably finding it really hard to get comfortable. Sadly, there is not much you can do about it, but try and prop yourself up so that you’re sleeping a little more upright. Sensible tips Discuss your birth plan with your gynae. Remember to write this down so on the day there’s a record of it if ever required. Make a few copies, which you can give to the nurse on duty when you arrive at hospital and to the doctor on duty.

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