Week 36 - Babysense
All things baby

Week 36

Your baby, once a teeny tiny poppy seed, has graduated to a fully-fledged little person, with everything in good working order. Now all that’s left to do is to fatten him up, spend a few extra days...
Week 37 - Babysense
All things baby

Week 37

Take a moment from your aches and pains to celebrate that your baby is officially considered early term and that all the pregnancy symptoms suddenly seem worth it. That means your little cherub has...
Week 38 - Babysense
All things baby

Week 38

This week may feel like the longest seven days ever as you play the waiting game. You’re probably completely over waddling around and carrying all this extra weight, and you’re probably also very a...
Week 39 - Babysense
All things baby

Week 39

WOO HOO! Your baby has officially reached full term. At each of your now weekly visits, your doctor will be doing an abdominal exam to check your baby’s position and growth. They might also check t...
Week 40 - Babysense
All things baby

Week 40

Happy Due date! You and your baby have successfully made it through 40 weeks of incredible growth and development. For some of you, you may be holding your little cherub while reading this. But for...

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