Babysense 7 Breathing & HD Video Baby Monitor, 2 Cameras, V65

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The Babysense 7 V65 Bundle comes with the #1 industry leading breathing monitor combined with our award winning V65 HD Video Baby Monitor.

Babysense 7 is equipped with an under the mattress Non-Contact, Non-Wifi, hassle free Breathing Sensor. As the #1 rated Breathing Monitor and the brand of choice in top hospital systems and over 1 million homes, Babysense is proven to provide maximum monitoring accuracy. The 2-plate design ensures full bed coverage and close monitoring of your baby’s micro-movements (breathing, sleep movements) through the mattress, ensuring a low risk of false alarms.

The V65 Baby Video Monitor comes equipped with a dedicated High Resolution 5" LCD Display and two 720P HD cameras with remote Pan, Tilt & Zoom. The monitor features the latest 2.4GHz FHSS Closed Loop Technology for an ultra-stable & hack-proof connection and crisp digital vision & sound.

Babysense 7 Features:
✓ Hidden Connecting wires, eliminating the risk of entanglement
✓ Radiation Free – no EMF Transmissions
✓ Unparalleled stability & safety - The monitor is interference free and has Hack Proof Technology
✓ No matter where your baby’s favorite spot is on the mattress, they will be monitored – full bed coverage with two supplied sensor pads 

Video Monitor V65 Features:
✓ Clearly view your little angel with our 720P HD image on the large 5″ LCD display 
✓ See your baby clearly even at night with the Auto Infrared Night Vision and ambient night light
✓ More coverage and greater control with remote pan and tilt
✓ Wide variety of extra handy features – Sound Activated LEDs, Alarm/Timer Setting, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Auto Camera Scan View
✓ Know when you are needed and extend the battery life with the Sleep Mode and ECO Mode functionality – your monitor will go into standby and reactivate when a noise is detected above the selected sensitivity level

Babysense 7 - Inside the box:

 Control Unit, 
 2x Sensor Pads, 
 Control Unit Holder, 
 Hanging Hook, 
 User Manual

Video Monitor V65 - Inside the box:
 Parent Unit 5” Display,
 2x HD Cameras, 
 3x power adapters, 
 2x wall mounting kits, 
 Li-ion Battery (installed in Parent Unit), 
 User Manual

Babysense 7 - Usage Tips:
Babysense monitors can only be used with one baby in a crib. If you have twins, two Babysense monitors are required to be installed in two separate cribs. 
 Babysense monitors require a hard/rigid surface. When using a crib/bed equipped with soft or spring base, extra wooden board (plywood) is needed to be placed under each sensor pad.
 Do not use Babysense with memory foam mattress types.
 Babysense cannot be used with co-sleeper crib types, when connected to parents' bed.

Safe, Proven, Trusted Technology


All Babysense Monitors come with a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

All Babysense Video Monitors are based on safe hack-free technology and do not connect to WiFi or internet.

The monitors operate indepdendantly of each other. It is recommended to use both monitors for increased peace of mind.