Get a complete view of your baby with our range of split screen video baby monitors.

Use up to four cameras to monitor your little ones in every room or from every angle to ensure you’ve always got the best view possible. Our baby monitor cameras connect to the base unit and provide you with a split screen view which means you’re able to see what’s going on at-a-glance, without having to worry about switching between feeds or running back and forth to check. Simply relax safe in the knowledge your little one is safe and sound.

All our split screen baby monitors utilise our specialist hack-proof technology to guarantee complete security and privacy for your family. Our engineers have worked hard to develop this world leading technology, so you can simply enjoy your time as a parent without worrying about your family’s security being breached through a baby monitor.

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Babysense 7 Breathing & HD Split-Screen Video Baby Monitor, 2 Cameras, HD S2 - Babysense
Babysense True Sleep
  • $329.98
  • $269.99
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NEW! HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, HD S2 - Babysense
NEW! HD Split Screen Video Baby Monitor, HD S2
  • $249.99
  • $199.99
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Questions and Answers

Our customers favor using both Breathing and Video monitors together, as this provides optimal protection. Most popular are the Split-Screen and HD Bundles.

For newborns we recommend to use our Baby Breathing Monitor in combination with a video monitor. Choose from a variety of video monitors we offer or get one of our Bundles.

Each Video Monitor model has its unique features and the cameras cannot be used iwth other models. The exception is V24R and V35 camera, that can be used for either model.

No, all Babysense Video Monitors do not connect to the internet and are based on safe hack-proof technology and do not connect to WiFi or internet.

No. Babysense Monitors do not connect to the internet and provide safe and secure Point to Point digitally encrypted wireless transmission and are completely hack-proof.