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The most loved doodoo blanky - now even better

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At Baby Sense, we continue to lead the way by constantly evolving our innovative product offering based on the latest research, as well as direct feedback from our most important clients –you, our mums. Which is why we’ve adapted our ever-popular Baby Sense Taglet to now include a dummy clip holder that can be used to keep the dummy in place, making it easier for your baby to find their dummy during periods of distress.

The Baby Sense Taglet is the ultimate doo doo blanky Your baby’s little fingers will naturally explore the different textures of the taglet, and the action of rubbing the silky satin tags and the feel of the soft chenille material of the blanket through their fingers and on their skin will make them associate the taglet as a source of comfort every time. Over time this self-soothing technique teaches your baby to comfort itself – so there’s no need to call mom. This little added feature will save you many hours of searching for dummies that have been misplaced or are hiding somewhere in the bowels of the cot at night.

Baby Sense Taglet

TIP: Make sure you stock up on more than one taglet and alternate between them regularly so that they all have the same wear, tear and smell. You will be very surprised to see how your little sprog can pick up a fuss if it’s not “their” taglet… so having backups are essential

blog-taglet1What is self-soothing?

Self-soothing is your baby’s ability to control their mood and state by adopting pleasurable settling strategies. The key to most self-soothing techniques are that they provide pleasurable sensory impulses for your baby that they find comforting. These tactile objects such as the Taglet, are called transitional objects because they help your child make the emotional transition from dependence to independence. Babies love them because they’re soft, cuddly and feel good. When your little one is tired, it will help them sleep. When you’re away, it’ll provide reassurance, when they’re frightened or upset it will provide a sense of comfort. And when they’re in a strange place it’ll help them feel more secure. The Baby Sense Taglet is a great item to introduce to your child from an early age as a tool for self-soothing.

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